Your All-in-One Solution to Growing your Brand in Japan

How you present your brand in a new market is important.
Many Japanese consumers are unsure about foreign products, but we work with you to localize your brand to the Japanese market through our trusted online shops.

From the World to Japan: Experts in Cross Border Sales

Our goal is to bring the best products from accross the globe to Japan

We help you cut through the red tape and fees that come along with selling internationally: customs taxes, international shipping, and shop management fees.

Customers compare products accross different international platforms. If the prices differ drastically from country to country, the uncompetitively priced products will not sell well. We will set a global price for the products to make them easily accessible in Japan.

Your All-in-One Solution: From Logistics to Consulting

Decades of Experience: USA and Japan

Since 1986, Premium Foods has been committed to introducing high quality US made products into Japan marketplace through our well established logistics systems safely and securely.
Don't let international regulations hold your business back. Leave it to us.

Expertise Built on Experience

Japanese Accounting & Taxes

We know all the in's & out's of sales in Japan and the US because we've had hands on experience in our 30+ years. If you were to open your own shop, you would need to file the appropriate taxes in Japan, but with us, there is no need for that.

Product Claims in Japan

Japan has its own laws for product claims. Don't leave the future of your brand to auto-generated translations. Even native Japanese speakers don't always get it right without sales experience. There are many cases the translated claims are illegal in Japan and the shops selling those products have been forced to close.

Ingredient Classification Differences

Your product might be classified as a health food in the US, but it might also be considered a medical substance or even an illegal drug in Japan. We will work together with you to choose the right products and protect you from these kinds of legal issues.

Food Safety throughout the delivery chain

To ensure the food safety at every step of the delivery chain, our products are stored in a US FDA & TSA approved warehouse. Then, they are delivered to Japan by our long-time partner Yamato that has been certified by CTPAT & IATA. In Japan, the laws about food safety, hygiene, and returned goods are very strict and we know those laws thoroughly.

Our Proven Sales Record

How about growing your sales ten times within a year? We can do it with you!

We worked together to find marketing opportunities that worked for their brand, review campaigns and strategic sales during platform events.

Their reputation in Japan grew and are now one of the best selling brands in their category.

No Extra Cost for You

Logistics Fees

You don't need to worry about logistics fees when starting sales to Japan. This also includes warehousing and staffing costs.
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Logistics fees can make up the bulk of costs when selling online and it can be difficult to monitor the quality and safety of your products when working through 3rd party services. We work closely with our logistics team to ensure all sorting, picking, and packing runs smoothly so you don't have to.
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Order Management Fees

Many online shop management companies charge you order processing fees based on the number of orders, but not with Premium Foods.
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We have a system that can process orders quickly and accurately due to the adoption of advanced core systems and high-level engineers. Application development is updated daily, and we are constantly working to create a better system environment.
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Online Shop Creation / Management

We will create customized product pages for your brand in Japanese on our shops, so you won't need to worry about paying more for translation fees.
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We have a 75% share in the Rakuten overseas supplements sector. While we can create a store for only your brand, a better option is to put your products in a general store with a lot of customers and increased exposure.
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Ecommerce Platform Sales Fees

If you were to open your own shop you would need to pay commission fees to each platform on which you sell.
✓Rakuten 8%-
✓Yahoo! Shopping 8%-
✓Amazon 10%-
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The commission fees are based on sales price+shipping so it can quickly add up.
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International Shipping to Japan

If you were to find your own shipping company, there will be a shipping charge for each delivery. There are many different shipping companies, but we have a close partnership with Japan's largest, Yamato Logistics.
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We have achieved a monthly delivery volume of 100k orders. In addition, we have a proven track record of delivering to Japan in as short as three days.
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Marketing Fees

We invest about $300k/month in advertising expenses for our line up of products. Digital marketing such as CPC search result ads, Google ads, product ranking ads, social media ads, etc.
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Our marketing specialists use their own big data to run ads effectively.
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We know our customers

We know what Japanese consumers are looking for in their online shopping experience, so that is what we offer them.

・ Fast delivery: packages reach customer's doorsteps as soon as 3 days after they order
・ Packages must be in impeccable condition by the time of delivery
・ Products must be properly packed
・ Fast and polite customer service
・ Many product reviews from other customers to support their purchase decision